Helping Paws Professional Dog Training and Services

Price: $180
Sessions: 4 1/2hr

Please note that the displayed rates do not include HST and are subject to change at any time. A KM fee may also apply. 

In Home Puppy Introduction Package

Did you pick up a new puppy? Is this your first owned puppy? Do you just need help with those puppy behaviours and challenges? This is the package for you!

Four half hour classes located at your home. This package includes but is not limited to: leave it, crate training, potty training, building foundation skills, nipping, chewing, jumping and much more.

Please E-mail as things have changed due to Covid.


Once our family made our decision to adopt our loveable Katie, discussions regarding her training began. It was and is very important for us to have a dog that is very well behaved, socialized and listens to commands. We live in an area that there are many children and dogs. We couldn't have a dog that could not be trusted around our neighbourhood.

Not ever owning a dog before, we knew that we had to hire a professional and we were very fortunate to have hired Candace from Helping Paws Services. Candace treated our Katie as if Katie was her own. Candace is dependable, reliable and takes her career very seriously. She isn't afraid or reluctant to deal with any situation. Candace is also extremely helpful, with what I refer too as, even the simplest of concerns.

Candace started Katie's training when she was only 4 months old. What an incredible deference this made. Katie started listening and responding to all basic commands...WOW!!

We then hired Candace to walk Katie on a regular basis. Katie loved being walked by Candace and her dog Nalla. Katie would wait by the front door and not move until Candace arrived to take her on her walk. I still don't understand how Katie knew she was scheduled to go on these walks. I give credit to Candace because Katie is a pleasure and joy to walk. She doesn't pull while on her leash and she watches my body language for commands (such as stopping). 

My family and I highly recommend Candace!! 

Candace, thank you for helping us with the newest member of our family!! 

Cheers, Georgia


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