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Christine Adams

Animal obsessed since day one, Christine was fortunate enough to have parents who fostered her love of animals and taught her about animal husbandry and the responsibility of caring for a pet. Rodents, rabbits, dogs, cats, fish and fowl you name it. Racing pigeons was also been a big part of her childhood and fueled her interest in the how's and why's of animal behavior. 

Having four young dogs under the age of 4 has provided countless opportunities to learn, teach and grow as a trainer. With four very different personalities, Christine has worked extensively with her own dogs on obedience, leash reactivity, barrier frustration and anxiety issues. Each member of her little pack taught her something different about behavior and training methods. She has attended classes with Candace, read all she could about behavior and training, took several courses offered at a local College in behavior science. 

Her dogs have earned their Expert Trick Dog Titles and Christine has become a Certified Trick Dog Instructor as well as Canine Conditioning Coach. Christine will be taking her CPDT-KA exam in the Fall of 2020. Her future plans include competing in rally obedience, scent detection, retriever trails and dock diving. 

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